Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's logical, isn't it?

I'm so glad the Supreme Court has allowed corporations and labor unions to make unlimited donations to political candidates.  Those corporations and unions will no doubt assess their own interests and begin donating immediately to any politician who might help them out.

See, that gives me hope.  Logically, corporations and unions might now look at schools and donate to them on the same enormous scale.

Afterall, their fate depends on schools too, not just on politicians. 

Sure, some corporations give money to schools already, if schools ask for it.  My school fills out applications every year and we sometimes receive as much as $5000 for teachers' materials, supplies, even equipment.

There's a website where teachers can go and apply for funding for as many as three projects of $400 each.  It's a big help.  It lifts our spirits when we get this kind of support.  Students definitely benefit.

But now, now we will get hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars!  We can refurbish our tired and sagging campuses. We can pay teachers commensurate with their training, skills, and contributions.  Reduce class sizes.  Give our students the real world curriculum they crave and the technology at school that they will encounter in those unions and corporations, the ones that currently bemoan students' knowledge and training.

These corporations and labor unions aren't stupid.  They know schools are fundamental to the success of communities.  Those communities make up their customers.  The schools feed their workforce.  They know.

There's nothing to hold them back now!  The Supreme Court said it's okay to give as much as they want.  Why, a consortium of major corporations could lift schools up to adequate funding---no! super funding so we can't lose!  Like the politicians.  If they want us to win, they will buy us a win.  Won't they?