Saturday, January 16, 2010

Crossing a threshold

I asked my dreaming self if I could really retire---a big decision!

I dreamed I had an invitation to change my life.

A lanky man said he loved me, wanted me to come with him, away from the life I know. He showed me what he offered and I was drawn in.

I had to change my clothes and jump from an impressive height onto a suede and leather cushion in a beautiful wood paneled room. An indoor pool stretched wide. It wasn't too deep for me, the scaredy-cat swimmer. A wall of windows three or even four stories high showed a snow-covered mountain side and deep lush valley. Exhilarating! I grinned, tingling with anticipation. Let's go!

Then, in my dream, I remembered: I'm married. I don't want to get a divorce! What was I thinking? I can't do any of this! I can't change my LIFE.

I can't keep what I have and get what's calling me...

Now, you know dreams aren't literal. But they can give us insights into our waking life.

This one shows the dichotomy, the struggle. I do want to change my life, to retire. Even though I love my life. Even though I'm married to it, identified by it. I'm drawn to another beautiful retired life.

What to do?